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Is your situation one of a million Ukrainian scams? If you are involved in a situation that you think may be a scam, you’re in the right place! Here you can read many questions and answers previously posted about possible Ukrainian scams.

Almost surely your situation is described down to the last detail in one of these posts (links below), and a thorough answer is usually provided.

If you can’t find your answer there you have two options.

Option 1: Post your question here (below)

Your first option is to post your question below. I’m always happy to try to help answer questions about scams, but here’s the thing… The most common scam questions have already been posted and answered many times over. So if your question is nearly identical to those already posted it only serves to clutter up the material making it harder for others to find helpful answers. In this case it will not be approved or answered.

So please spend a few minutes looking through the previous posts and the scams section of this site (see “Scams” in left menu bar) before posting your question.

If you post your question feel free to use fake names and locations and any other identifying details in order to protect the privacy of everyone involved, DO NOT post a woman’s full, real name and/or email address, phone numbers, etc. This is not intended to become a database of known scammers.

Option 2: Use my paid scam consult service

Your second option is to use my paid scam consult service. Even if your question has been asked and answered 100 times I will happily address it again with a customized, individualized answer. Or if you attempted to post your question on this page and the post was not approved or answered, you can use the paid scam consult service. You can read about that service at Ukrainian Scam Consultation Service.

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