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What happened to


*** December 28, 2023 ***

If you were looking for, some things have changed.

I’ll explain. has been up since 2011 and has helped men navigate the world of meeting women in former Soviet countries. I even know of several marriages that have resulted from the guidance offered on this site. It’s great content, and almost all of it is still accurate and relevant, and it’s mostly all here at the new Please make a note of the new address as the old one will be going away eventually.

It was never about “Russian” women

First and foremost, although the old domain name was “”, it was never about Russia or Russian women. When the core content of this site was written in 2011-2014 most Americans knew nothing about Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia (the country), Moldova, or any other former Soviet republics.

To Americans, they were all just “Russia”. At the time this was just the most clear term to describe “Russia and all other countries of the former Soviet Union”.

And from an American’s perspective, they were all pretty similar. The language, culture, architecture, city layouts/features, and customs varied little between all these former Soviet countries. And the social atmosphere (dating) was very similar between them.

But it was always more about Ukraine. At the time I wrote the core content I had been to Ukraine four times and nowhere else in that region, and I LIVED in Ukraine from 2016 until the onset of Russia’s full scale invasion in 2022.

Calling it Russia/Russian wasn’t a big problem before – everyone knew what I meant, and it was more clear to more people in my target audience. It was clear, and it was a neutral term with no underlying feelings associated with it. But that’s no longer true, so it’s time to update the domain name and content to be more accurate.

Why the change?

The changes are not purely for the sake of accuracy. On February 24, 2022 Russia embarked on a barbaric full scale military invasion attempt against all of Ukraine.

“Russia” is no longer just a good general term to refer to countries of the former Soviet Union. It is now on the level of evil of “Nazi”, and I don’t want to be the operator of the modern day equivalent of “”.

Some say there were justifications for this attack. Others say that Russia is mostly innocent and that only Putin is really culpable. Both assertions are completely ridiculous. The fundamental reality is that Russia now rivals the most evil regimes in human history, so it’s NOT a neutral term.

What will change?

The domain name and the content will change. It was always more about Ukrainian women than any other particular group anyway, so that will be reflected in both the domain name and the content. Mostly I refer to Ukraine and Ukrainian women instead of Russia and Russian women.

This is for the CORE CONTENT pages – those that I wrote. Pages that were posted by readers referring to Russia/Russian were left mostly unedited.

But PLEASE NOTE that this site had several hundred pages. A simple “Find/Replace All” across the whole site would be very quick and easy, but would probably result in a LOT of bad grammar, bad logic, and other problems. Imagine a story posted by a reader about a trip to “Moscow Russia”. A bulk find/replace would change that to “Moscow Ukraine”.

So I did do some bulk updates using a slightly more sophisticated algorithm than just “Find/Replace All”, but there WILL DEFINITELY be errors as a result. For example, you might read “Most American men have never been to Russia or Ukraine”, and it slipped through my algorithm and came out as “Most American men have never been to Ukraine or Ukraine”.

I’ll fix those as I find them. For now just try to figure out what it means 🙂

I also moved all the files to another hosting platform. This will also certainly break some pages… maybe some broken links, references to pictures that won’t be there, and so on.

For the amount of traffic this site has received since Covid it’s not really worth my time to be extremely thorough updating every page to make it perfect.

Much of this content is fairly dated

Most of the pages have not been updated or added since around 2020. In general the content is still valid, but many dating sites and agencies have gone out of business or changed their names (much like my site has now done, understandably none of them want “Russia” in their name or content).

Further, as I immersed myself in this migration effort I was able to detect a distinct progression of my thoughts on these things over time, so while there isn’t anything I would say was completely wrong, I now believe there are better approaches. They are covered in the old content, but it is a small portion of the content. As time permits I will come back and modernize the content to more closely reflect what I learned from LIVING IN UKRAINE for five years.

Also note that in several places I offer consult services. I can still do that, but for now just use the contact link at the bottom of every page.

Can we meet Ukrainian women during WAR?

At the time of this writing (late 2023) Ukraine is under nearly daily attack by Russian missiles and this obviously changes things, mostly for the worse.

But believe it or not, there are still women in Ukraine open to meeting a foreign man, and some foreign men still travel to Ukraine to meet women. It’s a little more complicated since air space over Ukraine is closed and you’ll need to fly to Poland then take a bus or train into Ukraine. And it’s more complicated in that it’s not quite as safe as it once was.

And, on the downside, the war opens up many new opportunities for (supposedly) Ukrainian women to SCAM YOU. Perhaps I’ll start a new section on that.

BUT yes, you can still meet Ukrainian women during the war. I would certainly suggest being very up-to-date on their situation and being SENSITIVE TO IT. They are living through the equivalent of WWII with their very identity on the line.