Beautiful Ukrainian Woman

Ukrainian Romance Tours

Using Ukrainian romance tours (or the “Tour Approach”) is one of the two primary approaches one can follow to meet many beautiful Ukrainian women face to face in a concentrated time frame. It involves traveling to a selected city and using the services of a local agency to help you meet their Ukrainian women clients.

Ukrainian romance tours come in two or three general varieties, depending on how you classify them.

Group Tours

Several large agency networks/sites offer very well-planned, organized group romance tours to selected Ukrainian cities where you can travel to meet the women in their network. Usually for these tours you pay one price that covers your round trip airfare from a selected U.S. airport (getting to/from that airport is not usually covered), airport pickup/drop-off in Ukraine, hotel, parties where you meet women, staff support, etc. The cost for dates and entertainment is usually not covered.

If you want to use the “Tour Approach” to meet beautiful Ukrainian women, and you don’t have much travel experience, this is the only way to do it for your first trip!

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But if you don’t really need the organization and handholding of a group tour, or you’re willing to jump into the deep end, an “Individual Tour” may be perfect for you.

Individual Ukrainian Romance Tours

“Individual Tours” are offered by many local agencies and larger networks of agencies to help you in your quest to meet Ukrainian women. With these kinds of Ukrainian romance tours you are usually responsible for getting to the city of the tour. After that, details and prices vary, but generally speaking, an individual tour usually involves a trip to one city where the agency will arrange your airport pickup/drop-off (or train or bus station pickup/drop-off if there isn’t an airport), arrange your apartment, introduce you to their Ukrainian women clients who agree to meet you, provide you with a translator/guide as needed, and offer advice and consultations.

In some cases most or all of these services are included in one price, in others all services are “a la carte”.

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